An audiovisual album by Jerobeam Fenderson

What you see is what you hear: The audio signal is fed directly into the oscilloscope, where vector graphics are drawn with sound.
Filmed from a Tektronix 5103N scope.

left audio channel: horizontal deflection
right audio channel: vertical deflection

Video Download


video stills

Video download of the complete audiovisual album in Full HD.

video: MP4/H.264, 1080p, 60fps
audio: AAC+, 96kHz
duration: 46min
size: 1.58GB

You can also download the original 192kHz WAV files to play through your oscilloscope.

Vinyl + Video Download




planned release: November 2017

why the release has been delayed

12" Vinyl with remixed and remastered versions of all the tracks. Artwork with anaglyph 3D images, including red/cyan glasses.

10 Tracks, 44 minutes

Worldwide shipping included (registered, with tracking ID).

You will also get a download code for the video and WAV files right after your order.

OsciStudio Software + Video Download



OsciStudio software to create 3D visuals with sound on your oscilloscope.

More information here.

You will also get a download code for the video and WAV files.