An audiovisual album by Jerobeam Fenderson

What you see is what you hear: The audio signal is fed directly into the oscilloscope, where vector graphics are drawn with sound.
Filmed from a Tektronix 5103N scope.

left audio channel: horizontal deflection
right audio channel: vertical deflection

Tracklist: 01 Dots | 02 Lines | 03 Blocks | 04 Circles | 05 Spirals | 06 Planets | 07 Asteroids | 08 Shrooms | 09 Deconstruct | 10 Reconstruct

video stills

Video download of the complete audiovisual album in Full HD
+ uncompressed audio files to play through your own oscilloscope.

10 Tracks, 46 minutes

Video files:
format: MP4/H.264, 1080p, 60fps
audio: AAC+, 96kHz
size: 1.58GB

Audio files:
format: WAV, 192kHz
size: 1.52GB