SOFTWARE ► OsciStudio


by Hansi Raber

Version A6 with Livecoding (updated October 31st, 2018)

This page will be updated soon, with more information and resources about OsciStudio A6. The download section is already updated :)


  • No undo/redo
  • No copy/paste


  • Makes oscilloscope music


  • Convert 3d shapes and animations to sounds (through obj files or blender addons)
  • Modify sounds through a small plugin system.
  • Animate parameters through timelines
  • Works on Mac OS and Windows (only intel/amd processors)

How does it work?


There's a big playlist of tests from the past months on Hansi's YouTube channel.


  • Buyers get a single user licence for all alpha/beta releases + either a free or cheap upgrade to the full version, if it ever comes this far.
  • Based on Openframeworks, a creative coding library for C++. The larger part of it is licensed as MIT/BSD.
  • Plugins: ofxTimeMeasurements ofxFontStash2 ofxMidi