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Pd patch screenshot

Sounds and looks like bubbly water drops.

  • circles are drawn with x=sin(t), y=cos(t)
  • pitch & volume envelopes for short sound with increasing frequency
  • jump to random position after each drop by adding a random offset to x and y
  • automatic random sequencer

Similar / related Max patch: blubb 0.0

lil scope

Pd patch screenshot

A simple lissajous oscilloscope.

  • uses one input channel for horizontal deflection and the other one for vertical deflection
  • three drawing modes
  • doesn't look very realistic, but works well for preview

Similar / related Max patch: Oscilloscope 2.0

mushrooms & butterflies

Pd patch screenshot

A patch that draws mushrooms and butterflies in a 3D landscape.

  • Three audio channels are used for X, Y, and Z coordinates. There are patches that create objects (shroom~, butterfly~, grid~, cube~) and a phasor~ (subpatch "phasize") running through all of them. The phasor~'s "start" and "end" number boxes specify which objects are drawn.
  • Each object has some parameters to tweak, and pos~ lets you move them around. In the end the three channels from each object go into an "audio rendering engine" (renderctrl~), which turns them into a stereo signal / 2D image.
  • To find out how specific parts work exactly, simply open the subpatches and delve as deep as you like.

Similar / related Max patch: mushrooms 0.3

Nuclear Black Noise

Pd patch screenshot

A complex additive synthesizer. Built for Nuclear Black Noise.

  • 128 harmonics per channel
  • spectrum can be drawn by hand or with mathematical functions
  • highpass and lowpass filter (switching off harmonics)
  • randomizer for automatic variations
  • clipping per harmonic
  • waveform view

Similar / related Max patch: sincos 4001


Pd patch screenshot

A patch to draw mushrooms on an oscilloscope with sound.

  • draws a circle with x=sin(t), y=cos(t)
  • different volume on both channels to form an ellipse
  • moves it along a vertical line to turn it into a spiral
  • change width to shape it like a mushroom's stem and head
  • some bending options to make it look like several rotating mushrooms

Similar / related Max patch: mushrooms 0.3

Tutorial 3

Pd patch screenshot

Three simple Pd patches, to demonstrate the basics of oscilloscope synthesis.

  • phasors.pd - two phasors on two channels
  • waveforms.pd - mixes three different waveforms, synchronised with a phasor
  • triangles.pd - clipping triangle waves on both channels, drawing edgy lissajous images

Tutorial 4

Pd patch screenshot

Two simple Pd patches to demonstrate additive synthesis for oscilloscopes.

  • addsines.pd - additive synthesis with 8 harmonics (unsynchronised)
  • syncsines.pd - additive synthesis with 8 harmonics (synchronised)

Similar / related Max patch: sincos 4001

Tutorial 5

Pd patch screenshot

Two simple Pd patches to demonstrate useful effects for oscilloscopes.

  • brightness.pd - blending between two objects
  • polygons.pd - rotating a line to form a polygon

Similar / related Max patch: Kepler-Bouwkamp 0.4


Pd patch screenshot

Some oscillators shifting around with image and sound.

  • four stereo oscillators with 3 parameters each
  • six presets with different patterns
  • inbuilt xy-scope
  • takes MIDI CC input or data from a text file to influence patterns