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LaserFromSound! (VST)

by Hansi Raber

LaserFromSound screenshot


Release History

How does it work?

LaserFromSound sends the raw stereo output from your DAW to any of the supported lasers. It is a geeky little tool for those wanting to experiment with the oscilloscope music genre in classical music software.

Lasers can be connected via USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

On top of that it also features a high quality vector preview, adjustable to emulate either an analog oscilloscope or the more placid laser projectors.


In this Video you can see all four supported connection types:
Top: Wicked Laser Wifi (~100ms latency) and Wicked USB (~10ms latency)
Bottom row: Ether Dream LAN (~30ms latency) and Helios DAC (~10ms latency)

Different laser projectors were used, the image quality is unrelated to the dongles! 👀